Ajombapa Line Limited

Information Technology Consulting Services, Supplies & Outsourcing



Ajombapa Line Limited is collaborating with organizations in provision of range of Information Technology services, and office related services and supplies of industrial equipment and office related challenging’s

The Company

In brief, Ajombapa Line Limited is a registered company under the business regulation law of Ghana, and it was Ajombapa Line Ventures as a sole proprietorship business but now change to Limited Liability Company with the vision of building it to an enviable organization in the business world.

Ajombapa Line Limited is an information technology consulting services, supplies and outsourcing company setup to applying practical innovation through services and solutions that deliver tangible results for both commercial and government clients
We have dynamic and high-powered trained professionals and a well built up strategic experienced work force to meet the technology needs of our clients.

Ajombapa Line Limited is committed to achieving excellence in customer’s services” sums up with its discipline toward fulfilling the promises we make to our clients.

We will help to improve and complement the latest technological service for clients and always put quality services and the customer’s needs at the top priorities list.

We believe the above will be favorable to you and look forward to a long lasting cordial working relationship with your esteemed organization.